Pourquoi nous choisir

Why choose us?

SAS|NAJJAR controls its entire production process, from the fruit growing to the end product, with no middlemen. We are the only manufacturer in Aleppo to be certified by Ecocert Greenlife and so can claim to make the best Aleppo Soap in the world, and this, for generations. You will not find better value for money on the market.

> With its traditional and artisanal production methods in Aleppo in northern Syria, our olive oil comes from the first cold pressing: this makes all the difference as, in this way, we retain all the beneficial properties of the olive, as opposed to the multiple hot pressings (more commonly known as olive pomace oils) which are often used in the manufacture of soap.

> The percentage of olive oil and bay laurel oil which form the core of our products are tested by Ecocert. This complete transparency guarantees the quality of our products. This is crucial to us in order to build lasting trust and to guarantee products of the highest quality for our customers.

> Our Aleppo Soaps are authentic because they really are made ​​in Aleppo.

Last but not least, we are passionate about our business: to be a master soap maker is not within everyone’s reach. Bringing you quality products is essential to us and we use all our know-how to achieve this.