Full certification

To meet European market requirements and to guarantee you complete transparency of Najel products, we undertake to be certified each year by the various certifying bodies in line with their stringent specifications. Our production is checked strictly from our agriculture through to the finished product.

> ECOCERT Greenlife is the certifying body that validates our production methods as well the formulae of our products, on an annual basis. This is a voluntary approach that we have implemented, and thanks to specifications outlined each year, provides you with a guarantee that our products are environmentally friendly. Audit are carried out on our production several times a year. These monitoring checks are made ​​regularly with some being made without warning; Ecocert may also take samples from our production for laboratory testing.

The entire production system is checked: inputs*, production, processing, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, storage, distribution and importation. Ecocert does not stand alone, it is itself monitored by a supervisory body for the certification, consisting of consumers, experts, and operators in the industry, as well as being open to government representation. Due to increased supply in the market, it is necessary for us to certify our products in order to stand out in terms of our commitment and values ​​and to differentiate ourselves from unfair competition.

* Inputs: This means all products brought into agricultural sites in Syria (e.g. fertilizers). In addition to products brought into cultivation, it includes all materials and equipment necessary for agricultural production.

> The Cosmebio Charter: This label is assigned by the various certifying bodies in existence. It is used to promote and develop the concept of green chemistry**, but also to ensure the use of products derived from organic farming and to protect consumer health.

**Green Chemistry: In the soap manufacturing process, the concept of green chemistry allows complete removal or reduction of environmentally harmful products by clean synthetic methods, which are thus environmentally friendly. This is the chemistry of new energies, new products and materials produced by farming.

> COSMOS: from the abbreviation COSMetic Organic Standard, this is an internationally recognized, European standard, operating with several labels, and specializing in natural and organic cosmetics.

> Protection of the name «Aleppo Soap»: Najel filed an application for protection of the name «Aleppo Soap” with the Syrian Ministry of Economy. This term guarantees the origin of Najel cosmetics based on both ingredients and the manufacturing site. Thanks to comprehensive specifications, this term has been acknowledged and subsequently accepted for registration in the official publications in Syria. It certifies the manufacturing location and components used in the making of Aleppo Soap. We are an authentic manufacturer of genuine Aleppo Soap. We are currently awaiting validation to have this label recognized on a European scale.

Whilst completely controlling the production chain, SAS|NAJJAR manufactures natural cosmetics produced by traditional methods, in accordance with the regulations of the certifying bodies. By linking these two approaches, we have significantly increased our added value in the market place for natural and organic cosmetics, making SAS|NAJJAR a one-of-a-kind company.
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ECOCERT Greenlife
Organisation standard
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At least: 95% natural ingredients or derived from natural sources, 50% of plant ingredients are produced by Organic Farming, 5% of product contents are produced by Organic Farming. At least: 95% natural ingredients or derived from natural sources, 95% of plant ingredients are produced by Organic Farming, 10% of product contents are produced by Organic Farming.

Regular testing of our production

We have a number of laboratory partners so as to guarantee for you the beneficial effects and virtues at the heart of our cosmetics.

The first inspections are carried out in Syria. Everything starts with an annual check of the olive groves and the valley of bay laurel by Ecocert, followed by an analysis of the oils (their physico-chemical aspects and bacteriology). Constant controls are carried out with each production of soaps: saponification index, physico-chemical appearance, bacteriological test, challenge test, ageing test...

In France, we turn to outside laboratories to control any final product before it goes on the market: dermatological testing for cosmetics and biodegradability testing for detergents...

Thoroughness and transparency are our watchwords: it is through our specialization that we guarantee you the best you can find in the marketplace in terms of quality and price. Preserving this unique and traditional way of manufacturing is our pledge of quality.

> Trusting us means you really do get quality in your cosmetic products.

Najel products are available in France and Europe through wholesalers and retailers such as:

- Stores specializing in organic or natural products and handicrafts,
- Pharmacies and drugstores,
- Supermarkets.