Invention of Liquid Aleppo Soap. Creation of a sole proprietorship for the distribution of cosmetics, which becomes NAJEL LLC in 2005. Investment in a second warehouse in order to stock the products altogether. The company becomes SAS|NAJJAR. Najel modernizes by changing its logo and packaging Export on a worldwide scale is becoming an increasingly important part of our activity

Once upon a time ... Najel

Through its craftsmanship by master soap makers, SAS|NAJJAR has been able to provide you with natural and organic cosmetics of the highest quality, for over 15 years. With considerable growth in the marketplace, we are working hard to meet your requirements in terms of hygiene and traceability, as well as to abide by European cosmetics’ regulations. We distribute quality products that are recognized around the world for their beneficial effects and virtues. This timeline shows the history of SAS|NAJJAR: take a look at its development and ambitions.

1900: Launch of Master Soap Maker activity in the Najjar family, start of Aleppo Soap manufacture by the great uncle of the current CEO.

1964: Invention of Aleppo Liquid Soap by the grandfather of Manar Najjar, the current CEO.

End 1996: Creation of an import-export business in France, recovery of the family business in Syria. As a trained physician, Manar Najjar recognizes the beneficial effects and virtues of Aleppo Soap and decides to spread awareness in France. This marks the beginning of the distribution of Aleppo Soap in France and across Europe. Being a family business, it is Manar’s brother Samer and their grandfather who deal with the company in Syria.

April 2000: The organization develops and becomes a sole proprietorship called Najjar.

2005: Cosmetics sales increase in France and abroad, the company becomes the LLC Najel. As it grows in size, the company invests in a second warehouse in order to store its products altogether.

Then 2010: The company becomes SAS|NAJJAR with the appointment of a CEO (Manar Najjar) and Board of Directors. This new company status is in keeping with its competencies and evolution, and allows it to respond to market demand.

2011: Najel modernizes by changing its logo and its packaging.

Today: For over three years, SAS|NAJJAR has been making a major shift in its export policy: we distribute our products with leading wholesalers throughout the European Union and abroad: the Far East, Russia, North and South America (including the city of Chicago, where we are in partnership with a company that distributes Najel products throughout the United States). Najel products are marketed in a total of over 26 countries. The company president, Manar Najjar, assures ​​the connection between the two entities in France and Syria, to guarantee the transparency of raw materials and full traceability from production to distribution.

SAS|NAJJAR is structured as follows:

> In France, the headquarters is based at 45 Allée du Mens, 69100 Villeurbanne.

> In Syria, we have two production sites in the north of the country: one in Afrin, the other in Aleppo.